Schneider Electric’s Smart Factory in Hyderabad recognised as an Advanced Lighthouse


Schneider Electric has announced that its Smart Factory in Hyderabad has been recognised as an Advanced Lighthouse – the fifth Schneider Electric factory to receive this distinction to date, joining the Le Vaudreuil, France; Wuxi, China; Lexing­ton, Kentucky; and Batam, Indonesia factories. The company added that its Le Vaudreuil factory in France, which was recognised as an Advanced Lighthouse in 2018, has now been recognised by the World Economic Forum as a Sus­tai­n­ability Lighthouse. This is one of only six plants worldwide and the second for Schneider Electric, with the Lexington, Kentucky, plant receiving the same status last September. The Forum’s Sustainability Lighthouses showcase and recognise global best practices of 4IR technologies in manufacturing to de­mo­ns­­trate how companies can unlock new levels of sustainability in their operations and offer win-win solutions: greater op­e­rational competitiveness while simultaneously delivering greater environmental stewardship for a cleaner and more sustainable future.