MoP asks certainstates to direct utilities to clear dues to power gencos and CIL

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has asked somestates to direct their utilities to clear dues they owe to power generating stations and Coal India Limited (CIL), failing which the electricity supply to their states might get severely affected.

The letter has been sent to Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and union territory (UT) Jammu and Kashmir, which have the highest dues among all. Tamil Nadu utilities owed Rs 208.42 billion dues to the gencos and Rs 7.30 billion to CIL. It is followed by Maharashtra utilities with Rs 180 billion dues to gencos and Rs 25 billion to CIL. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh owes Rs 93.73billion to gencos and Rs 3.20 billion to CIL.Rajasthan utilities owed Rs 111.76 billion to gencos and Rs 3.08 billion to CIL.Madhya Pradesh utilities owed Rs 50.30 billion to gencos and Rs 2.56 billion to CIL. While, the UT of Jammu and Kashmir’s utilities owed Rs 72.75 billion to gencos.