Ethiopia signs MoU with South Sudan to supply electricity

South Sudan and Ethiopia’s state-owned utility, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP), have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the supply of electricity and transmission interconnection projects to be implemented in two phases.

According to the MoU, over the next three years, Ethiopia will provide 100 MW to South Sudan. The MoU is critical to satisfying electricity demand in South Sudan while also raising revenue for Ethiopia, which plans to gradually increase exports to 400 MW over the period.As per the terms of the agreement, the first step of the power purchase plan will entail a feasibility study conducted by both countries over the next year. In the two years following the study, both countries will construct a 230 kV, 357-km transmission line from two substations in the Ethiopian city of Gambela to the South Sudanese city of Malakal in the first phase. A700-km transmission line will be built from Didessa in Ethiopia to the South Sudanese capital of Juba in the second phase. Additionally, the two countries agreed to form a joint technical committee to begin the implementation of future works.


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