Coal import declines to 209 mt in 2021-22

The coal imports in the country have been declining continuously during the last two years to 215 mt in 2020-21 and further to 209 mt in 2021-22, as against the peak of 248 mt in 2019-20.

All India coal production has increased from 716 mt in 2020-21 to 777 mt in 2021-22 resulting in an increase of 61 mt.  Therefore, despite a steep rise in actual demand for coal from 906 mt in 2020-21 to 1,027 mt in 2021-22, coal imports could be contained due to increased domestic dispatch from 691 mt in 2020-21 to 818 mt in 2021-22. The decline in coal import during 2021-22 is largely due to decrease in import by power sector which came down from 45 mt in 2020-21 to 27 mt in 2021-22,  decline of almost 40 per cent.


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