Ludhiana gets state’s first 66 kV line on monopoles

A new 66 kV power line has been commissioned on monopoles in Ludhiana’s several areas.

This is projected to be first-of-its-kind initiative by the Punjab state government. As many as 49 monopoles have been installed to cover the 12-km distance spanning over densely populated areas. These monopoles have a base of 1-2 meters in comparison to the conventional towers that cover 5-7 meters of area. The monopoles are suitable for erecting transmission lines in congested and thickly populated areas. With the commissioning of this new 66 KV line power, Old  City area will become more reliable as additional sources of power would also be provided. The project will provide uninterrupted power supply. This project would directly ease out areas falling under Chaura Bazaar, Nurewal and Hambra sub stations with 66 kV substation on GT Road now getting power supply from two sources, thereby easing load on overburdened substation. More monopole-based transmission lines are also being contemplated in the state.


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