India’s domestic coal production touches nearly 138 mt as on May 31, 2022

India’s domestic coal production has increased by 28.6 per cent to 137.85 million tonne (mt) in 2022-23 (as on May 31, 2022) as compared to the production of 104.83 mt in the same period of last year.

The coal production by Coal India Limited (CIL) is 28 per cent more than the production in the same period of the previous year (as of June 16, 2022). The domestic coal production target for 2022-23 is 911 mt, which is 17.2 per cent more than the previous year. The coal imports for blending by the domestic coal based power plants have declined to 8.11 mt in 2021-22 which has been the lowest coal import in the last eight years. This was possible solely due to the robust coal supply from domestic sources and increased domestic coal production.