GE Renewable Energy commissions 180 MW Bajoli Holi hydro project in Himachal Pradesh

GE Renewable Energy’s hydropower business, part of GE Power India Limited (GEPIL), has commissioned the 180 MW Bajoli Holi Project in Himachal Pradesh.

Three units of 60 MW each have been generating electricity since the project was connected to the grid in March 2022. The run-of-the-river power facility has a head race tunnel of more than 16 km and has been constructed on the river Ravi in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. The Bajoli Holi project was awarded in March 2015. GE Hydro Solutions was responsible for design and engineering, supply, transportation, erection, testing and commissioning of vertical Francis turbines, generators, penstock valve, main inlet valve, digital governing system, excitation system, control and monitoring, protection system, electrical and mechanical balance of plant equipment. In addition to providing the local population with sustainable and clean energy, the Bajoli Holi hydropower plant generates 94 per cent of energy required by the Delhi International Airport Limited.