Jharkhand unveils Solar Energy Policy 2022

The Jharkhand government has announced its Solar Energy Policy 2022, under which it plans to achieve around 4,000 MW of solar power capacity in the state over the next five years (from 2022-23 to 2026-27).

The state plans to augment its clean energy capacity, for which the utility solar scale for 3,000 MW power will be done through putting in solar and non-solar parks, floating and canal top solar installations. Further, there would be 720 MW of distributed solar installation that will include rooftop, captive and irrigation set-ups. In addition to this, there would be development of 280 MW off-grid solar capacity through mini and microgrids, solar power employed for livelihood, and solar pumps. The immediate projects under the solar energy policy are a 600 KW solar plant at the Dhanbad and Dumka airports, and a grid-connected rooftop power plant for domestic consumer under the Giridih Solar City Scheme. Further, the policy entails a dedicated solar power cell, statutory approval within a maximum of 60 days, setting up of 1,000 solar villages, schemes to encourage economically backward villagers to adopt solar energy and cross subsidy for it.