NITI Aayog and NTPC sign statement of intent to develop net zero GHG emission roadmap for NTPC

NTPC Limited has signed a statement of intent with NITI Aayog to develop NTPC’s net zero green house gas (GHG) emissions roadmap in alignment with the government’s Panchamri’ goals announced during COP26.

The statement of intent seeks to formalise a framework of cooperation between the parties to facilitate NTPC to strategise on diversification of its generation mix to eventually reduce its carbon footprint and support India’s endevour towards achieving net zero by 2070. With this collaboration, NTPC would be able to utilise the expertise of NITI Aayog’s energy team for the establishment of carbon management unit in NTPC with the aim of integrating all GHG reduction initiatives under one umbrella. In addition, NITI Aayog will provide assistance in emissions and energy (portfolio mix) modelling including development of scenarios for 2030, 2037, 2047 and 2070.