Punjab approves Rs 252.37 billion action plan to improve quality, reliability of power supply to consumers

The Punjab government has approved an action plan of Rs 252.37 billion to improve the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers.

Out of the total project amount of Rs 252.37 billion, grant of Rs 116.32 billion will be provided by the central government as gross budgetary support. Under the reform-based and result-linked revamped distribution sector scheme (RDSS), various infrastructure works like commissioning of 94 new 66 kV sub stations and installation and augmentation of 89 and 382 66/11 kV power transformers, respectively, will be carried out. Besides, 2,015 ckt. km of 66 kV transmission lines shall be erected under this scheme for system strengthening and its modernisation, along with installation of 23,687 11 kV distribution transformers and erection of 15,859 ckt. km of high-tension (HT)/low-tension (LT) power lines. For loss reduction, 600 ckt. km of 66 kV lines/underground cables shall be laid along with installation of 283,349 new distribution transformers under high voltage distribution system (HVDS) and  erection of 110,117 circuit kilometers of HT/LT lines shall be done.


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