Chinese SGCC starts construction of 1,000 kV Sichuan–Chongqing line

China’s largest grid developer, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), has begun construction of the 1,000 kV ultra-high voltage (UHV) Sichuan–Chongqing alternative current (AC) power transmission project in the Sichuan province and Chongqing municipality (southwestern China).

The CNY29 billion project entails the construction of 658 km of 1,000 kV double circuit lines and four UHV substations with a transformer capacity of 24 GW. Some components will be constructed at elevations greater than 4,000 metres. The project is scheduled to complete in 2025. Southwest China’s main power grid is expected to have a voltage increase from 500 kV to 1,000 kV, transmitting 35 TWh per year of power as soon as the project completes.


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