Preeti Bajaj: MD and CEO, Luminous Power Technologies

MD and CEO, Luminous Power Technologies

Preeti Bajaj has nearly two decades of experience and has worked across global markets. She started her career in the software industry and then moved to the real estate space. Later, she became CEO of SIL Solar, a home energy services software company, and then joined Lu­minous in India as its MD and CEO. At Luminous, she looks after the overall en­ergy solutions business, driving the growth of strategic initiatives and pivoting the business to higher growth while also globalising it.

On the current state of the power sector, she remarks, “India has certainly progressed a lot with regard to its power sector where today we see that the consumer is used to and demands an energy-assured lifestyle, where power supply is uninterrupted and available 24×7. With the recent shift in the global work culture, wherein people have started working remotely, power plays an even more important role in keeping the consumer connected to the world. This change is coupled by a transition towards more energy and environment-fri­en­dly power sources.”

She feels that the biggest challenge is that power from the grid is not always assured. In this scenario, energy storage becomes a critical necessity and an integral part of our lives. But there is another elephant in the room and that is the challenge and aspiration of net zero, she adds. In this co­ntext, the themes of decarbonisation and decentralisation are central to the power sector, currently challenging both the supply and demand sides. To become net zero by 2070, India needs at least 50 per cent of the domestic electricity consumption to be powered by rooftop solar energy solutions.

Bajaj’s top priority for the company is to stay committed to its core. Luminous being a consu­m­er-focused company, it has made a promise to its custo­mers to provide efficient and optimised energy solutions, which are inverters and batteries. Innovation, R&D and modern design sensibilities are also strong pivots. The company is ex­panding and globalising, and prioritises making-in-India-for-the-world.

Bajaj takes pride in each one of her as­signments as these opportunities have taught her and helped her grow. She be­lieves in a non-hierarchical structure.

Bajaj completed her MBA from Swi­n­burne University and her Master of App­li­­ed Finance from Macquarie University, Australia. She is passionate about diver­si­ty and actively supports emerging le­a­ders through her contribution as an ad­vi­sory member of Chief Executive Women.