MoP notifies concept note on pooling of tariff of 25 years plus thermal/gas generating stations

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has notified concept note on pooling of tariff of thermal/gas generating stations that are 25 years old or more.

The proposal has been formulated by MoP to conserve capex and utilise the capacity already available in the grid. A genco-wise common pool of 25 years plus stations  will be created. As and when any station of the generating company completes 25 years of commission date, the same will be automatically added to the pool. According to the note, the willing state/discom will approach the generating company through a letter of intent for requisition of power from the common pool. The willing state/discom will be made percentage allocations from the common pool. The power in the common pool for which there are no willing beneficiaries can be sold through power exchanges.

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