US-based Enfinity Global adds 205 MW of solar capacity in India

Enfinity Global, a US based company, has added 205 MW of solar capacity in India.

This was achieved through the interconnection of 135 MW projects in Maharashtra, and acquisition of six operational projects from Rays Power Infra in Telangana and Karnataka. The company interconnected 135 MW in 10 solar power plants in Maharashtra during first half of 2022. These projects are part of India’s Mukhyamantri Saur Krishi Vahini Yajana. Further, Enfinity Global acquired a 70 MW portfolio of solar power plants from Rays Power Infra. The portfolio acquired in Karnataka includes 47 MW spread over three sites, while the plants acquired in Telangana comprises three other sites totaling 23 MW. All the projects have power purchase agreement (PPAs) with state-owned power distributor companies.