Tata Power partners with AutoGrid to expand AI-enabled smart energy management system in Mumbai

Tata Power has partnered with AutoGrid to deploy an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled smart energy management system focusing on the behavioural demand response across its residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Mumbai.

This program will help address peak demand challenges and support India’s clean energy transition and net zero goals. The demand response management program aims to engage 55,000 residential consumers and 6,000 large commercial and industrial customers to achieve 75 MW of peak capacity reduction, within the first six months of the rollout, beginning February 2023, and then continue to scale up to 200 MW by the summer of 2025. In addition to the behavioural demand response program, Tata Power will stack on an automated demand response program with direct load control assisted by customer participation with its in-house smart plug platform called EZ Home.