thyssenkrupp employs new-age technology to produce superior grades of CRGO in India

thyssenkrupp has enhanced its production facility to make world class CRGO steel at its Nashik plant. The company now has the capacity to produce 50,000 tonnes of the superior grades of CRGO. Grain-oriented electrical steel is used wherever electrical energy is efficiently converted, transported and used, such as in distribution and power transformers.

Around a thousand times more voltage than what is found in home wall plugs is needed for transportation. The voltage must be converted once more before being used in homes and businesses. Transformers for power and distribution both essentially need CRGO steel. It helps to drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions if high efficiency steel is used in the cores of transformers. thyssenkrupp’s powercore® enables new and creative technology that helps to safeguard the environment and raise standard of living besides higher performance transformers lower noise emissions in urban areas. powercore® offers low loss grades like 23HP80D, 23HP85D, and 23HP90D in India. By providing high efficiency powercore to industrial applications and the power transmission network, thyssenkrupp directly contributes to energy savings.  These energy-efficient products will continue to be developed as part of the company’s Make in India mission.