Malaysian Sarawak Energy commissions 275 kV Murum–Samalaju B line

The Malaysian electric utility, Sarawak Energy, has commissioned the 275 kV Murum– Samalaju B transmission line.

This will help strengthen the reliability of Sarawak’s overall power system by enhancing transmission security and capacity for current and future load growth, in particular for bulk power customers located in the Samalaju Industrial Park, under the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). The project consists of the 275 kV Murum– Samalaju B transmission line of 166-km length, connecting the 275 kV Samalaju B substation to the 275 kV Murum hydroelectric plant (HEP) outdoor substation. Thus, by providing a second power evacuation source from the Murum HEP, it significantly enhances reliability in the delivery of power from major generating facilities in the northern region to the western part of Sarawak, including Kuching. Construction on the line commenced on December 1, 2016 and was successfully energised on December 29, 2022. Several delays disrupted the scheduled completion, mainly due to pandemic restrictions and severe shortage of skilled workers.