Government launches star-rated appliances program

The central government has launched the star-rated appliances program, the Voluntary Star Labelling Programme, for multi-door refrigerators, table and wall-mounted fans, pedestal fans, and induction hobs.

This program is expected to save approximately 11.2 billion units of electricity by 2030 and will enable the reduction of carbon dioxide emission close to 9 million tonne by 2030. It will support India to transition towards low carbon sustainable growth and achieve its ambition of net-zero by 2070. The government has also launched the Industrial Decarbonization and EE Knowledge-Sharing Platform (iDEEKSHA) portal. iDEEKSHA is a platform developed under the Accelerating Smart Power and Renewable Energy (ASPIRE) Technical 1 Assistance Programme. iDEEKSHA is designed to serve as one-stop shop for all energy efficiency and decarbonisation needs of Indian energy-intensive industries. It aims to facilitate the exchange of information, knowledge and experience and best practices related to the stakeholders such as industries, industrial associations, technology and service providers, and research institutions etc. Further, iDEEKSHA newsletter and a flyer were also launched.  Further, the government hailed the completion of a decade of Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) scheme by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).