Ministry of Coal to sign agreements for mines auctioned during sixth round of commercial auctions

The Ministry of Coal will be signing the agreements for  28 coal mines auctioned under sixth round and launching the seventh round of auction of mines for sale of coal on March 29, 2023.

The cumulative peak rate capacity (PRC) of the 28 coal mines which were auctioned under sixth round for which  the agreements are being singed is 74 million tonnes per annum and these mines are expected to generate an annual revenue of Rs 144.97 billiom calculated at PRC of these coal mines. The coal mines being offered under the seventh round are a mix of partially explored, fully explored, coking, non-coking, lignite etc. Of the 106 coal mines offered under 7th round, 61 mines are partially explored coal mines and 45 are fully explored ones. There are 95 non-coking coal mines, one coking coal mine and 10 lignite mines being offered under seventh round of auctions.