CERC reduces ceiling price for power trading

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has directed all the power exchanges to re-design their bidding software for the period from April 4, 2023 until further orders.

The software has be designed in such a way that the members can quote the price in the range of Rs 0-10 per kWh for all contracts, viz., day-ahead market (DAM) (including green DAM), real-time market, intra-day, day ahead contingency and term-ahead (including green term ahead market); and Rs 0-20 per cent kWh in the high price-DAM (HP-DAM) segment. This is expected to reduce the cost of power for the buyers, while providing an opportunity to the high cost generators and the willing buyers to participate in the HP-DAM market. The move is in view of the prevalent power scenario and likely high increase in demand going forward.

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