Ashish Tandon: Executive Vice-President, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited

Ashish Tandon, Executive Vice-President, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited
Ashish Tandon, Executive Vice-President, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited

Ashish Tandon, executive vice-president, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, has over three decades of experience in the energy meter business, in­c­luding building businesses from scratch and formulating business expansion strategies. He currently heads the marketing function for energy, water and gas meters in the domestic and overseas market. He is also an active contributor to the Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) and has in the past served as chairman of its meters division. He has been a part of various discussions on smart metering and the roll-out of the Revamped Distri­bu­tion Sector Scheme (RDSS) with the Mi­nistry of Power (MoP). He was also in­volved with the CEA, MoP, REC and NSGM for framing the SBD for smart me­ter deployment.

According to Tandon, “Customer satisfaction and revenue growth is the top-most priority at Genus. Uti­lities going for the lowest bid model means that we have to constantly strive for cost optimisation and price reduction without compromising the quality of our pro­ducts and services. By leve­raging the latest techno­logies, we are imp­rovising our products and services so that they not only meet customer needs but also exceed expectations.”

Tandon believes that although the dis­tribution segment is generally referred to as the weakest link in the value chain due to its inherent operational issues and losses, the situation has improved in the past seven to eight years owing to various sc­hemes of the MoP. “The distribution se­g­ment is the bread earner for the entire val­ue chain. The government is giving due attention to it and improving its he­alth. As a result, AT&C losses have re­d­u­c­ed from an average of 22 per cent to 17 per cent. The MoP has identified the root cause of the problem and launch­ed the RDSS to make disco­ms financially sustainable and operationally via­ble. Its key focus is to install 250 mi­ll­ion smart meters in pre­pay­ment mode by March 2025, which will benefit both consumers and utilities,” he says.

Tandon works closely with his team members and values their inputs and id­e­as. He likes to set clear goals and give re­gu­lar feedback to his team. He believes there is no “I” (an individual) who can su­c­­ceed; it’s always “we” (the team) that ma­­kes the difference. “A culture of excellence is what we all should strive for,” he notes. Tandon holds an honors degree in engineering from Nagpur University and has done a management course from GE Croton Ville, USA.