NEA operationalises 132 kV Dordi Corridor

The state-owned power utility, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), has fully operationalised the 132 kV Dordi Corridor to transmit 300 MW of electricity generated from Lamjung’s Dordi River and its tributaries.

Floods in June 2022 damaged four towers of the line, which have now been fully repaired. Due to the damaged towers, the 10-km Dordi Corridor was commissioned partially from Udipur in the Besisahar municipality of Lamjung to the Kirtipur substation in the Dordi rural municipality, and an alternative connection from hydropower projects via a 3.5- km transmission line that belonged to the Dordi Khola-1 project was created. After the damaged towers have been rebuilt, all privately-owned hydropower projects built in the Dordi Khola region are now connected to the national grid using the Dordi Corridor transmission line. The line is currently connected to all four hydroelectric power projects, including the 8.63 MW Chepe Khola, 12 MW Dordi Khola-1, 25 MW Upper Dordi ‘A’ and27 MW Dordi Khola hydroelectric power project. The 54 MW Super Dordi ‘Kha’ hydropower project, as well as other projects that are being built now or that are slated to be built in the same corridor, will also be connected to the 132 kV transmission line. Construction of the Udipur substation is the the final phase and the substation is expected to be completed by July, 2023. The Dordi Corridor transmission line is expected to cost around NPR850 million, and has received funding from the government.