Domestic coal production increases by 23 per cent during last five years

India’s overall coal production has increased to 893.08 million tonne (mt) in 2022-23 as compared to 728.72 mt in 2018-2019 registering a growth of about 22.6 per cent.

The priority of the Ministry of Coal is to enhance the domestic coal production to reduce the dependence on substitutable coal imports. In the last five years, the production of Coal India Limited has increased to 703.21 mt as compared to 606.89 mt in 2018-2019 with a growth of 15.9 per cent. Singareni Collieries Company Limited has registered growth of 4.3 per cent, reaching 67.14 mt in 2022-23 from 64.40 in 2018-19. Captive and other mines have also taken a lead in coal production by reaching 122.72 mt in 2022-23 from 57.43 mt in 2018-19, with a growth of 113.7 per cent. The growth in coal production has paved the way for energy security of the nation. Notably, the annual coal production target set for 2023- 2024 is 1,012 mt.