KPI Green Energy receives commissioning certificate for 10.18 MW solar power plant under CPP

KPI Green Energy Limited has received commissioning certificates from Gujarat Energy Development Agency for capacity of 7.27 MWdc solar power project, and 2.91 MW dc through KPIG Energia Private Limited.

The company has received commissioning certificates under captive power producer (CPP) segment. KPI Green Energy received certificates for Nouveau Jewellery LLP (5.41 MWdc), Isha Prints LLP (1.11 MWdc), and Labhuben Moradiya (Verni Textile) (0.75 MWdc). Whereas, KPIG Energia Private received certificates for General Petrochemicals Private Limited (1.91 MWdc) and Savalia Texturisers Private Limited (1 MWdc).