PFC Consulting incorporates a new SPV for development of independent transmission projects

PFC Consulting Limited has incorporated a new special purpose vehicle (SPV) for development of independent transmission projects.

This SPV is Jewar Transmission Limited for development of 400/220 kV, 2×500 MVA gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) substation Jewar, 220/33 kV, 2×60 MVA GIS substation Cantt (Chaukaghat) Varanasi, 220/33 kV, 3×60 MVA GIS substation Vasundhara (Ghaziabad), 220/132/33 kV, 2×160+2×40 MVA khaga (Fatehpur) with associated lines. PFCCL has been appointed to be the bid process coordinator for selection of bidder as transmission service provider through tariff based competitive bidding process for this intra-state transmission system.