GreenH Electrolysis to establish 1 GW electrolyser manufacturing plant in India

GreenH Electrolysis, a joint venture between H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies of Spain and GR Group from India, is planning to establish a cutting-edge proton exchange membrane electrolyser manufacturing facility in India.

The 1 GW plant will be situated in the Reliance MET Industrial Park, Jhajjar District, Haryana, with the first phase utilising a 97,000 sq.ft. area. The manufacturing plant will have an initial capacity of 100 MW, and the company has plans to scale it up to 500 MW within the next two years on the same premises. Installation of the plant is currently underway, and operations are expected to commence by October 2023. For Phase 2, additional land will be procured to expand the capacity to 1 GW.