Eaton releases its 2022 sustainability report

Eaton has released its 2022 sustainability report, showcasing the company’s significant progress towards achieving its 2030 sustainability goals. Through its “task force on climate-related financial disclosures” section, the report demonstrates a higher level of transparency and reporting rigour, highlighting the company’s forward-thinking approach to climate-related risks and opportunities. The company has successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 27 per cent since 2018, equivalent to the emissions generated by nearly 60,000 gasoline-fuelled cars in a year. Furthermore, 71 per cent of its 2022 net sales are from sustainable solutions, and the company has invested $900 million in research and development for sustainable solutions since 2020. In addition, it has achieved 75 per cent of its waste reduction target. The company is also making significant strides towards meeting its water conservation target.