Vietnam approves National Energy Master Plan for 2021-30

Vietnam has approved the National Energy Master Plan for 2021-30, with a vision towards 2050.

The plan aims to ensure energy security, support economic and social development, and improve living standards while protecting the environment. It targets 155 million tonnes (mt) of oil equivalent in primary energy supply by 2030 and and 294 mt to 311 mt of oil equivalent by 2050. It emphasises renewable energy sources, aiming for 15-20 per cent share by 2030 and 80-85 per cent by 2050. The plan also focuses on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction and efficient utilisation of domestic energy resources. The projected GHG emissions are about 399-449 mt by 2030 and about 101 mt by 2050. The goal is to cut the emissions by 17-26 per cent by 2030 and about 90 per cent by 2050 compared to the normal development scenario. Green hydrogen production will reach between 100 to 200 thousand tonnes annually by 2030 and 10 to 20 million tonnes a year by 2050. The implementation solutions include capital mobilisation, policy mechanisms, technology, human resource development, international cooperation, and plan supervision.