China’s SGCC completes 1,000 kV Fujian NorthSouth UHV line project

China’s transmission grid developer, State Grid of China Corporation (SGCC), has announced the completion of the 1,000 kV Fuzhou–Xiamen ultra-high voltage alternating current power transmission and conversion project, also known as the Fujian North-South Transmission Project.

This allows the line to be put into operation as scheduled, before the end of 2023. The project involved the construction of a new 1,000 kV double-circuit line spanning 238 km and 832 towers, besides a 6 GW substation. The line passes through the three cities of Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, with mountainous terrain, which made the project construction challenging. Once operational, it will increase the power receiving capacity of the Fujian power grid by 4 GW and promote the development of clean energy such as coastal nuclear power and wind power. Further, it will ensure the delivery of clean power coming up in northern Fujian to the load centres in the south, and support the stable functioning of the Fujian–Guangdong interconnection project. At the same time, the main grid structure of the Fujian power grid and the layout of east China’s UHVAC main grid could be further improved, enabling betterpower transfer between them.