Pestech secures contract worth RM21.17 million to supply smart metres in Malaysia

Pestech Sdn Bhd (PSB), a subsidiary of Pestech International Bhd, has secured an RM21.17 million contract from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) to supply and deliver smart metres in Malaysia.

This is in line with TNB’s advanced metering infrastructure implementation. Under the two-year project, PSB will install 79,800 units of single-phase and 19,950 units of three-phase radio frequency smart metres across the country. The project will be executed in partnership with Pestech Energy Sdn Bhd. By 2026, TMB plans to install smart metres in 9.1 million households across Peninsular Malaysia. Under TNB’s smart grid plans, the agency looks to introduce automated monitoring and control as well as the integration of renewable generation.