Ministry of Coal to produce 1,404 mt coal by 2027

The Ministry of Coal has set production targets, aiming to produce 1,404 million tonnes (mt) of coal by 2027 and further increase it to 1,577 mt by 2030, building upon the current annual production level of approximately one billion tonnes.

The ministry is actively addressing the coal demand for domestic coal-based power plants, which is estimated to be around 821 mt for the current year. Recognising the additional coal needs associated with adding 80 GW of thermal capacity in the country by 2030, estimated at around 400 mt with an 85 per cent plant load factor, the Ministry of Coal is prepared to meet these requirements. However, the actual demand may vary based on evolving generation needs, particularly with contributions from renewable sources. To achieve these production goals, the Ministry of Coal has devised a comprehensive production enhancement plan, encompassing the opening of new mines, expanding existing mine capacities, and increasing production from captive/commercial mines. All three operational components are actively contributing, with clear plans for further enhancement. The production targets for 2027 and 2030 are expected to surpass the anticipated domestic requirements of thermal power plants in the country, accounting for potential additional capacity.