Powergrid appoints RXPE for breakthrough power electronics solution

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (Powergrid) has awarded a contract to RXPE for designing and building the world’s largest STATCOM installations, a key enabling technology for developing power networks and synchronising electricity transmission in irregular conditions. RXPE will provide three STATCOM stations, each with an overall dynamic reactive compensation capacity of -550MVar to +425MVar. The operating functions of the STATCOM stations will include steady state voltage control of the 400 kV bus, balance steady state voltage at 400 kV bus, dynamic over-voltage control, transient and dynamic stability control, damping of power oscillations and damping of sub-synchronous oscillations. They will be strategically deployed at three 400 kV substations in Solapur, Satna and Aurangabad. The project has a 24-month completion target.


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