20 Ideas for 2020

Redefining the sector





The government has set various goals for the sector till 2020, including round-the-clock power supply to every home, complete village electrification, a billion tonnes of coal production, etc. Power Line asked industry professionals to come up with ideas to pursue for 2020, ideas that could drive change and shape the future of the sector. Of the several suggestions received, we present a select few…

The only equation that really matters

Hydro as Renewable
Odd man out

15% AT&C Loss Target
The “why” behind UDAY

Open Access
To buy cheaper power

Universal Service Obligation
Greater reliability in electricity supply

Direct Benefit Transfer of Subsidies
Not doing away with them, but targeting them effectively

100% Metering Including Agriculture
To know the real picture of losses

Net Metering
Because it’s cheaper to have solar on the roof

Peaking Tariffs
Shifting loads is easier than new generation and T&D networks

24×7 Power for All
A promise that has been a part of every government’s agenda

Competition in Retail
Because it is good for business and consumers

Disclosure of Discom Accounts
Transparent operation and satisfactory information

Energy Storage
Balancing power demand and supply instantaneously

Renewables – No Curtailment
Lowering risks and improving predictability for developers

Smart Grids
Today, distribution is a one-way street

Clean Coal Technology
The key to drastically reducing CO2 emissions

Pumped Storage Schemes
To even out renewable energy generation

Ancillary Services
A balancing act

Cadre of Power Sector Professionals
Strategic HR management is key to organisational success

A threat that operators cannot ignore


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