Covered conductors from Raychem RPG yield benefits for utilities

Covered Conductors have been introduced for the first time in India by Raychem RPG for applications up to 132 kV. Several installations have already been successfully carried out and have resulted in a significant reduction in outages. Right-of-Way  issues are common in urban areas. Transmission lines are usually located adjacent to residential property lines and contain poles and allowances (clearances) for overhead bare lines, besides underground networks and transformers. The required electrical clearances are frequently found compromised due to the unplanned growth in Indian cities, thereby rendering the power network unsafe and unreliable. On the other hand, bare overhead lines that exist in forest areas endanger wildlife. The solution is to make bare overhead conductors safer and more reliable. This is done by using covered conductors, which are longitudinally water blocked and covered with special grades of materials that provide insulation and ultra violet protection. These covered conductors provide safety against accidental contact and are a major help in significantly reducing outages.