KEPCO (South Korea) to invest KRW 23.28 trillion in transmission works

South Korean utility Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) plans to invest KRW 23.28 trillion in the construction and reinforcement of transmission and transformer facilities in 2017. A total of KRW 1.17 trillion has been allocated to the construction sector, including new transmission lines, and KRW 1.65 trillion has been allocated to reinforce facilities such as power outages. KEPCO also plans to invest KRW 2.28 trillion in new construction and operations in the transmission and transformer sectors this year. However, the investment plan does not include allocations for high voltage direct current (HVDC) and other projects. Sector-wise, KRW 491.2 billion has been allocated for new transmission lines and KRW 256 billion for new substations. Under the reinforcement division, the budget for the transmission line is KRW 92.3 billion, while substations have been allocated KRW 333.5 billion. The construction of transmission facilities will be expanded to 700 ckt. km, which was 373 ckt. km in the past year. Major new construction projects have been planned for the 345 kV Changwon, 154 kV Songcheon and 154 kV Zhongshan substations.


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