Eskom (South Africa) commissions second 500 MVA power transformer at Ngwedi substation

South Africa-based Eskom Holdings SOC Limited (Eskom) has energised and commissioned the second 500 MVA power transformer at the newly built 400/132 kV step-down Ngwedi substation, increasing its total capacity to 1,000 MVA. The transformer will improve flexibility and reliability of the network in the Greater Rustenburg area. It is a significant step towards the completion of the Medupi Power Station Integration Project, a large-scale power delivery project in South Africa that is aimed at supporting the grid system between Limpopo and the North West. The project involves the construction of two substations, Ngwedi in the North West and Borutho in Limpopo, as well as transmission lines from the Medupi power station to both the substations, which will interlink with the rest of the grid. The whole project consists of approximately 732 km long high-voltage transmission lines and an additional 2,000 MVA of transformer capacity.


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