Adrian Flewitt

Vice-President, Technical Solutions, EMEA and AP, Sensus

Adrian Flewitt is vice-president, technical solutions for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (AP) regions at Sensus. The company delivers end-to-end technical solutions to utility customers in these regions. Flewitt has been with Sensus for the past seven years. Prior to that, he worked with Lucent Technologies, Orange and the BBC in a range of technical roles, supporting pre- and post-sales activities.

Looking back, Flewitt feels fortunate for the many exciting and challenging assignments he has been a part of during his career. Most recently, he was the technical lead for Sensus in its bid to win the GB Smart Metering deal, which was the largest and most complex deal he has worked on. The complexity of the project and the need to work with a number of partners to produce a winning bid showed him the importance of seeing things from multiple perspectives to ensure that the customer’s objectives are met.

Commenting on the smart grid market in India, Flewitt says that smart grids have become pivotal for many government program-mes and that with this, the private sector is expected to take the lead and set up smart grids. Ele-ctricity, gas and water networks comprise essential infrastructure and as technology enables the digitalisation of these networks for improved management and control, the communication networks that perform these functions will become critical to the operation of these services. He believes that Sensus is an ideal choice for India because it can supply the dedicated, secure and reliable communication networks used by utilities for smart metering to achieve connectivity performance levels of over 99.5 per cent.

Flewitt says that he likes to stay involved in the technical aspects of Sensus’ offerings, since he heads a technical team. This enables him to have open and detailed discussions with his team, partners and customers. He places a great deal of trust in his team members, which creates a culture of dynamic support.

On the personal front, Flewitt enjoys playing badminton and long-distance cycling. He has been known to sneak his bicycle into his luggage when travelling over weekends. One of his most challenging rides was in 2016 when he completed the Melbourne Around the Bay 200 km ride in winds close to 100 km per hour. His wife, Sarah, and their three teenage children, Ned, Bertie and Esmé, join him on family walks and bike rides when the British weather permits.


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