Supreme and Company delivers ERS towers for key transmission projects in Uttar Pradesh

Supreme and Company Private Limited is supplying its ERS towers, which are made of high strength steel instead of high strength aluminium, for key transmission and distribution projects. In June 2017, Supreme completed the installation of three ERS towers for UPPTCL’s new 400 kV transmission line between Atur and Indirapuram. Construction of the line was suspended in February 2017 as it was facing an obstruction from a 132 kV line crossing over, which would have to be shut down for five to seven days. Supreme’s ERS towers helped resolve the issue and the project was executed within four days with a line shutdown of only four hours. Also, this was done without the use of any heavy earthmovers or disruption of highway traffic. Earlier, Supreme installed three ERS towers within 3.5 hours, which helped create a bypass arrangement for an existing 132 kV S/C line at Vaishali in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, which was scheduled for upgradation.


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