Vivek Chaturvedi: Country Manager, Solar, DSM India Private Limited

Country Manager, Solar, DSM India Private Limited

A solar enthusiast, as he likes to call himself, Vivek Chaturvedi is currently leading the expansion of DSM’s solar activities in India, which has been identified by it as one of the key growth markets for its solar business. Chaturvedi joined DSM in early 2015 after acquiring more than 20 years of experience across different sectors.

He began his career with Xerox in 1991, after obtaining a master’s degree in business administration, specialising in marketing, from the Birla Institute of Technology. In 2009, he moved to Moser Baer India Limited, where he handled multiple portfolios, from entertainment to solar. He later moved to Moser Baer Solar Limited, a subsidiary, as head of sales and marketing. During this time, he studied solar power installations around the world for their feasibility

in India. From April 2010 to January 2015, Chaturvedi co-chaired the Solar Energy Task Force at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, along with his professional assignments.

Chaturvedi has always been excited about new technological developments and innovations. In 2015, after leaving Moser Baer as the chief marketing officer, Chaturvedi joined DSM and moved to a niche area that focuses on innovations and developments in the solar segment. Since then, he has been an active participant in the marketing and promotion of anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for solar panels, two popular products of the company.

DSM’s strategy for India is to identify and build new business opportunities in the solar segment and take advantage of the huge market opportunity presented by the ambitious target to install 100 GW of solar capacity. Chaturvedi believes that the next step in bringing down the cost of solar energy will be driven by improvements in efficiencies, and DSM’s technology, products and new business models will help achieve this. Currently, China is the biggest market for the company. However, India is increasingly becoming an important market for DSM.

Spearheaded by Chaturvedi, the company has plans to bring in a portfolio of advanced technologies to increase the affordability of solar power in the country. These include DSM’s patented hollow core anti-reflective coating technology that has improved solar panels by replacing the traditional backsheet, which, the company claims, will reduce the levellised cost of energy, and enhance durability and power output.