Doosan Lentjes presents future-focused combustion concepts at the CFBC Technology Seminar 2018

Doosan Lentjes presented its supercritical 300 MW class circulating fluidised bed (CFB) boilers for low-grade Indian coals for the local industry and utilities at the CFBC Technology Seminar 2018 held in February in New Delhi. The supercritical boilers optimise the utilisation of the generated steam with enhanced temperature and pressure parameters. In contrast to conventional subcritical natural circulation cycles, they have the capability of achieving a net efficiency of up to 45 per cent. The boilers also enable reduced fuel consumption, thereby leading to lower emissions and lower ash production. Doosan Lentjes is a global provider of processes and technologies for energy production from renewable and fossil fuels, with specific areas of expertise in CFB boilers, technologies for the generation of energy from waste and flue gas cleaning systems.


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