Siemens and Bentley Systems announce integrated APM solution for power plants

Siemens and Bentley Systems have announced an integrated asset performance management (APM) solution for power plants. This joint technology and service solution will consist of complementary offerings to speed up the digitalisation of power plants and provide intelligent analytics with a range of innovative offerings and managed service solutions. The new service will be hosted on Siemens’ cloud-based open internet of things (IoT) operating system, MindSphere, and will combine Bentley’s advanced asset performance software capabilities with Siemens’ complementary technology and service expertise to empower power plant owners to take full advantage of digitalisation, which will help improve maintenance operations and planning. Siemens’ APM solution, which is a part of the company’s Omnivise digital solutions portfolio, covers the entire power plant, including the combustion and steam turbines as well as the associated generators, pumps, motors, transformers, valves, switchgear and other equipment that affect plant reliability and performance. APM service solutions are tailored to each organisation’s unique needs, based on variable factors such as plant configuration, on-site resources, equipment expertise, and the plant’s operations and maintenance (O&M) strategy.


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