Anil Gupta

Chairman & Managing Director, KEI Industries Limited

Anil Gupta joined the erstwhile Krishna Electrical Industries in 1979 as a partner, and has been at the helm of the company for the past four decades. He has helped the Delhi-headquartered company – which has recently celebrated 50 years – to grow into one of the key wire and cable manufacturing players in the country today with a pan-Indian presence, as well as align it with changing market trends and achieve growth.

Under his leadership, KEI, in 2017, reported a 15 per cent growth in turnover, as net sales increased from Rs 23.26 billion in 2015-16 to Rs 26.69 billion in 2016-17.

By 2021-22, he aims to establish KEI as a Rs 55 million worth company. “Our vision is to emerge as one of the world’s leading electrical cables, wires and allied businesses company with a global footprint, offering advanced products and services, and delivering sustainable value to all stakeholders,” he states.

Gupta has been involved in implementing various company policies, spanning across marketing, production, quality control and product development. He  has, in fact, been the “brain” behind some of the path-breaking innovations in the company.

Sharing about his perspective on the status of the power distribution segment in the country, he says that it is the most important link in the power value chain. “As the only interface bet-pween utilities and consumers, it is the cash register for the entire sector. The segment had been facing high distribution losses, coupled with theft of electricity, low metering levels and poor financial health of utilities with low cost recovery. However, with some corrective measures, the segment is improving,” he says.

On his management style, he says that the working style at KEI is driven by five values: knowledge, growth, ability, achievement and capability. He believes that taking everyone along and building a transparent and cordial environment are key to running a successful business.

Gupta has a master’s in commerce from Delhi University. He believes in maintaining a sound work-life balance. In his spare time, he enjoys books, singing and travelling to unexplored places. Stephen Hawking’s The Theory of Everything is his favourite book. As for his music preferences, he says, “I am a big fan of Kishore Kumar and love listening to his music.”


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