Pestech International improves design time by 50 per cent for Malaysia’s TNB

Malaysian utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad had, in 2017, awarded Pestech International an RM 79.5 million power system installation contract to extend 2-by-500 kV diameter substations at OlakLempit in Banting from a 500 kV substation to provide power to the rapidly growing area. Pestech International deployed Bentley’s 3D modelling solutions, comprising OpenBuildings® Designer, Bentley Substation, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ContextCapture and LumenRT. Using Bentley Substation as the main design application, the team created an intelligent standard primary and secondary equipment library containing symbols, macros, title blocks, device families and manufacturer information. The contents of this library were used to generate reports and collaborate with other project team members. At the end of the design process, an iModel was published that allowed the team to detect and resolve clashes and view equipment information. Pestech International was able to maximise design automation using Bentley Substation. Another benefit to implementing Bentley software was its interoperability with other applications. Working in a comprehensive modelling environment using Bentley’s automated and interoperable software enabled the team to save an estimated MYR 200,000.



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