PT PLN plans Tol Listrik Sumatra transmission project

Indonesia’s state-owned power company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PT PLN) plans to construct a 2,933 km power line, also known as the Tol Listrik Sumatra project, by 2021. Under the project, the 275 kV Sarulla-Simangkuk line, which had been delayed earlier due to challenging weather and geographical conditions, is expected to be completed in 2019. Following this, 275 kV network connections in the Lahat-Binjai and Pangkalan Susu areas will be completed. The second phase of the project, which includes the 275 kV North Sumatera-Aceh line and the 275 kV Lumut Balai-Muara-Enim-Gumawang-Lampung line, is slated for completion in 2021.


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