Delhi government to cover e-cycles under its electric vehicle policy

In order to promote e-cycles through various financial incentives, the Delhi government’s transport department has released a draft proposal for introducing e-cycles as a new segment under the Delhi’s electric vehicle (EV) Policy 2020, notified in August 2020.

The government has already started providing subsidy of up to Rs 30,000 on two-wheelers and up to Rs 0.15 million for cars to promote faster adoption of EVs. For e-cycles, it plans to subsidise 25 per cent of the cost of the cycle (up to Rs 5,500) and give a fixed additional incentive of Rs 2,000 on the first 10,000 e-cycles. There will be higher incentives for cargo e-cycles, which would be used for last-mile delivery. A purchase incentive of 33 per cent of the price, up to Rs 15,000, per cargo e-cycle will be given to buyers of first 10,000 cargo e-cycles.