ADD GRUP to introduce smart metering solutions for Indian market

ADD GRUP is one of the leaders in smart metering industry with more than 7 million smart meters deployed in 30 countries over 5 continents. Its existing product portfolio includes residential, commercial and lite industrial smart meters supporting variety of communication technologies, such as PRIME 1.3.6 and 1.4 in both CENELEC and FCC bands, G3-PLC and Hybrid G3-PLC as well as 3GPP.

Despite a highly standardized requirements for smart meters in terms of compliance with specific communication technologies, data models, interoperablity which leave very limited space for creativity, its R&D team has always managed to implement specific know-how without breaching standards to assure delivery of maximum KPI related to communication performance of our ADDAX smart metering solution. Its projects delivered to India, Russia Brazil, Indonesia, Ceylon, Thailand, Palestine, and Laos with harsh network conditions are examples of its robust communication solution.

Now that India has seriously started investing into smart metering with millions of meters purchased in numerous tenders by government owned and private utilities (the largest being purchased by EESL) ADD GRUP decided to bring its smart metering solution to India where utilities will be able to benefit from robustness, benchmarking KPI and the lowest fault rate in the industry of 0.1% annually.

The meters which are being designed shall meet not only EESL requirements (EESL being the largest customer so far with a target of installing at least 250 million meters mostly based on 3GPP communication within the next 10 years). They shall also target other government and private utilities where the choice of technology can be different, ranging from pure PLC to Hybrid PRIME and G3-PLC, Wi-Sun and LORA. Such will be possible through modular meter design which will be able to accommodate communication modules designed by ADD GRUP and based on the above mentioned technologies.

ADD GRUP understands that competitiveness of solution in India can only be assured if meters are fully manufactured in India. In order to fully benefit from “made in India” ADD GRUP shall transfer the design, know-how, manufacturing technology to a verified partner in India who is able to comply with tough requirements and manufacturing standards ADD GRUP is using internally.

Such transfer of manufacturing technology based on license agreement is not new to the ADD GRUP.  One of the success stories is our partnership with Matritca Ltd (Russia), a company that manufactures our smart metering solution since 2006 and is a smart metering leader on the markets of Russian Federation and Kazakhstan.

Meters for Indian market will be ready in January 2021. The list of potential license partners in India is open and we will be happy to discuss details of the deal with companies who are willing to bring our benchmarking smart metering solutions to Indian consumers.