South Africa to execute three offshore power ships to mitigate severe power crisis

South Africa has announced its plans to execute three offshore power ships and greater investment in renewable energy (RE) to promote the use of solar, wind energy, and RE sources.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has recently announced eight bidders in the emergency risk mitigation program of the government. This program aims to facilitate independent power suppliers to supply electricity which is currently produced by the sole national supplier. The state-owned power supplier, Eskom is in a severe financial crisis which has led to increased power blackouts over the last decade, use of outdated equipment and reliance on coal and diesel. As part of the emergency plan, a subsidiary of Turkish company Karadeniz, Karpowership SA will anchor three mega-ships that produce electricity from gas at Coega, Richards Bay, and Saldanha. Karadeniz will turn old cargo carrier ships into floating power ships that will sail and dock in areas that need electricity. The power will be generated in the onboard substation and will feed electricity directly into the country’s power grid system.


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