Vinod Paremal: Regional President of the Indian Subcontinent, Evonik

Regional President of the Indian Subcontinent, Evonik

With almost 17 years of professional experience behind him, Vinod Paremal became the regional president of the Indian subcontinent for Evonik in July 2020. He has worked across various verticals in the company and has led the marketing, strategic projects, sales and production teams in Germany, Singapore, the UAE and the UK.

Commenting on Evonik’s patented SEPURAN® Green technology,  Paremal points out that the three-stage membrane-based gas separation process significantly increases the recovery of biomethane, thereby increasing the profitability of biogas processing plants. “The technology helps conserve resources and protect the environment, as it requires comparatively little energy and no auxiliary materials or chemicals. No waste or wastewater is produced that would otherwise have to be treated and disposed of,” he notes.

According to Paremal, the bio-energy industry, like many other sectors, faces a scale-up challenge. However, a positive step has been taken with the Government of India’s Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation (SATAT) initiative, whereby oil marketing companies will provide infrastructure to integrate compressed biogas plants for automotive fuel consumption. The utilisation of biomass for energy and other needs is still a major challenge. Using it to generate energy instead of simply letting it burn is a major step in addressing pollution issues across India. With modern and innovative technologies, policymakers can focus on and incentivise companies that are willing to set up facilities to convert biomass into chemicals, energy, etc., and thereby ensure energy independence for India, Paremal believes.

During these unprecedented times, Paremal has engaged continuously with the company’s senior management teams and ensured that key safety messages are communicated down the chain of command. Evonik has also conducted regular townhalls, highlighting necessary behavioural adjustments during the pandemic. “We have tried to ensure that Covid-19-induced fatigue does not set in and our colleagues continue to remain vigilant, which keeps  them and their families safe,” he says.

Paremal completed his postgraduation in engineering from the University of Massachusetts, USA, and an MBA from INSEAD, France. He says that he enjoys travelling to interesting places. But as the pandemic has placed restrictions,  he has been spending a lot of his spare time reading.