Tianwan nuclear project to become the largest NPP in the world

The 8.1 GW Tianwan nuclear project in China is set to become the world’s largest nuclear power plant (NPP).

The project has been developed by the Chinese state-run China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC). It consists of Chinese-designed ACPR1000 pressurised water reactors (PWR) rated 1.08 GW. The first phase of the power plant was commissioned in 2007 and includes two 990 MW (1.06 GW gross) units. Tianwan-3 started its commercial operation in February 2018 and Tianwan-4 in December 2018. The 1 GW (1,080 MW gross) ACPR1000 reactor, Tianwan-5 was commissioned in September 2020, whereas Tianwan-6 (with similar technology and make) was commissioned recently. Two reactors are currently under development. Once all the eight reactors are commissioned, Tianwan would become the largest NPP in the world.