NDMC approves purchase of 150 MW solar capacity from SJVN

The New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) has given its in-principalapproval forthe procurement of 150 MW of solar powerfrom SJVN at Rs 2.44 per kWh for 25 years under the central public sector undertaking (CPSU) program.

SJVN is planning to bid for 1,000 MW in a tender by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)and has, therefore,collaborated with NDMC for procurement for power from its solar projects.IREDA hasfloated thetender for the setting up of 5,000 MW of grid-connected solar power projects in India (Tranche III) under the phase II of CPSU program of grid-connected projects for self-use or use by government entities. It has maximum permissible limit for the viability gap funding (VGF) at Rs 5.5 millionper MW for the projects.